ENH polymer modified bitumen emulsion colloid mill
ENH E-10/20/50 Series

ENH polymer modified bitumen emulsion colloid mill is specially designed to meet the demands of polymer modified bitumen emulsion manufacturing. It applies the technology of grinding, homogenization, and multilevel shearing to emulsify the soap water and bitumen. Using a unique individual feeding system, this colloid mill can avoid the blockage from premix structure, promoting the working reliability.The stainless steel material can prolong the working life of the mill. High speed stator and rotor design leads to high working efficiency. It is comparatively advanced in:

Powerful motor and oversized stator and rotor design enable ENH colloid mill for 8-level shearing, ensuring uniformity and minuteness of the particles in emulsion. Suitable for manufacture of all kinds of bitumen emulsion including SBS modified bitumen emulsion.

Revolutionary individual back-feeding system enables to inlet the bitumen, soap water and emulsion separately, avoiding the blockage from premix structure. And the unique anterior opening design makes it easier to maintain without opening the mill and unloading any bitumen or soap water pipeline.

The clearance between stator and rotor can be adjusted precisely from the back, so there is no need to open or take apart the mill. By adjusting the clearance, manufacturer of all kinds of bitumen emulsion can be done with good quality and outstanding particle size distribution.

The up-down arrangement of mill and motor forms a compact conformation. Belt transmission protects the mill and motor effectively, and also results in easy maintenance.

European standard 316 stainless steel materials enable corrosion resistance and long working life.

Complete production standard with producing ability from 10t/h to 50t/h.


ENH modified bitumen emulsion colloid mill has been in Chinese market for over 15 years, and there are more than 20 modified bitumen emulsion colloid mills working in fields of highway and high-speed railway. The user includes some of the biggest bitumen companies like Shell, SK, Tipco, etc.

Original "Made in Denmark"


(ENH bitumen emulsion colloid mill performes excellently in particle size distribution of the production of bitumen emulsion)