Supraton Modified Bitumen Colloid mill
349/449/549-5.03 series

Supraton colloid mill has been applied in bitumen processing for over 30 years, and there are more than 300 sets working in this field. Being experienced in colloid mill and homogenizer production and accumulating in technology, BWS has achieved success in R&D for new products to meet the growing needs from clients all over the world.

Supraton powerful high-shear polymer modified bitumen emulsion colloid mill has its patent protection for the specially designed stator-rotor system. And the conical structure with patent technology performs excellently in grinding and homogenizing.

"Made in Germany" ensures the top quality of Supraton colloid mill, and it does not need any repair or replacement of the cutting tools.



One Grinding Continuous Production

By intense extrusion and shearing the polymer particles, the mill system homogenizes the premixed polymer suspension. This suspension will develop to high quality homogeneous modified bitumen product.


Shear/ grind


These three procedures are done through one grinding, realizing the continuous production of modified bitumen, which greatly promotes producing efficiency and the quality of modified bitumen products.


Hydraulic axial clearance adjustment

Supraton colloid mill is the only bitumen colloid mill with hydraulic axial clearance adjustment design.

Start the colloid mill and adjust the mill clearance to 3mm by the hydraulic system, and the rotor shaft will move backwards, resulting in more distance between rotor and stator and removing the adhesion between them (as "ON"). When the motor reaches the normal speed, adjust the rotor shaft to working position (as "OFF").

Fault-free start
Reduce energy consumption because of lower starting load.
Polymer modification of all types of hardness is available.


Productivity quantity of various specifications of Supraton PMB mill