ENH Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant

ENH Polymer modified bitumen plant is specially designed to meet the high demands of modern bitumen emulsion technology. It applies the ENH patent “One Pass’ continuous production technology and the production capacity can be 60t/h.

ENH polymer modified bitumen plant adopts the highly accurate flow control and weighing system, ensuring accurate and continuous flow of bitumen and polymer exactly according to the prescription without premixing them.

It reduces energy consumption because of Supraton polymer modified bitumen emulsion colloid mill, and the unique three-level mixing, grinding and shearing technique realizes the “One Pass” technology.
Continuous production technology can guarantee stable and accurate production by using advanced PLC computer control system and digital input of prescription, measuring with flow meter and scale, and monitoring the production phase real-time.

There is no need to build complicated soap water tank system because of the in-line system; therefore it saves real land coverage. And the system can also greatly avoid the misoperation, contributing to the high quality.

Based on decades of experience, ENH can equip the plant to meet customers' varying demands including customization of heat exchanger and chemical measurement system. And special design of the soap water tank is also available.

And ENH offer mobile plant and stationary plant. The mobile plant is built in a 40’ container with independent control room for easy transportation and maintenance.

ENH polymer modified bitumen plant has production standard from 15t/h to 60t/h.

Characteristics of ENH Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant:

Globally advanced automatic production pattern; complete computer control system.

Supraton polymer modified bitumen emulsion colloid mill with high efficiency and long working life.

Adopting professional bitumen flow meter and frequency conversion Ronton pump, the bitumen system realizes accurate measurement for different production scales.

Electronic weighing system guarantee the accuracy of weighing and continuous measuring.

Equipped with highly efficient plate type heat exchanger, the ENH polymer modified bitumen plant can raise the temperature of bitumen fast and avoids the aging of bitumen from long time heating.

The finished bitumen emulsion is directly sent to the storage tank without extra transport pump.

Unique liquid level control system matched with small sized mixing tank ensures homogeneous mixing of bitumen and polymer.

The patent ENH modular container design with independent control room makes it easier to install and transport.

Schematic drawing of ENH Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant