ENH Combined PMB/ Emulsion Bitumen Pilot Plant

The pilot plant is specially designed to meet the demands of PMB and bitumen emulsion recipe research and new products development.

This plant can be used to simulate the working status of industrial production, and make it possible to produce small scale in-line PMB/ bitumen emulsion in laboratory. The excellent simulation portability of this plant offers possibility to directly compare the data of technical parameters during industrial production. It helps in improving recipes and developing new recipes to meet the demands of local aggregates.

The ENH pilot plant is easy to operate because of its reasonable and advanced design. It is made of stainless steel, which leads to the long life and easy maintenance. There are three types of the pilot plants: the PMB pilot plant, the bitumen emulsion, and the combined PMB/ bitumen emulsion pilot plant. We can customize according to requirements of clients.

Bitumen Emulsion Working Principle
The bitumen emulsion pilot plant is a convenient compact small scale emulsion plant used in research and development of bitumen emulsion recipes.
he base and frame of the plant are made of stainless steel, and the 30 mm separation layer can prevent the noises of working motor, mill and pump. The cleaning and maintenance is easy for the operator.
The controller of pumps and mill are on the control panel, equipped with flow and setpoint digital display. The automatic PID controller ensures the high accuracy of the flow during production.


PMB Working Principle

In the batch production, the control system can ensure the temperature of the premixing tanks by bitumen circulation after set the required amount of bitumen. If there is oil and additives in recipe, they can be added in the premixing tank. The bitumen is heated by electric heating system

The polymer is mixed with bitumen in the premixing tank by the agitator, and is produced through the colloid mill.

Every batch can be circulated to the tank through metering pump, clearing the sample tank.

Technical Characteristics

The same-structured colloid mill with large scale production line and the mill gap can be adjusted according to requirements.
Equipped with soap water flowmeter and control system, accurate measurement.
Equipped with bitumen flowmeter and control system, accurate measurement.
Automatic electric heating temperature control.
Latex system available if needed for SBR production.
Heat exchanger available if needed for SBS PMB emulsion.
Computer monitoring system available for recording and analyzing experimental data.
Components can be added to this plant to produce foam bitumen.