Cold Mix Recycling Plant

The advanced cold mix recycling technology is to mill the old bitumen pavement, dig the bitumen materials and transport them to a ground, add new aggregates, bitumen emulsion, concrete and mineral powder after crushing and screening, mix by cold mix plant, pave and roll the new pavement. With the development of the highway construction in China, the maintenance technology using old materials are becoming more and more popular.

The ENH mix recycling plant is the new pavement maintenance equipment adopting European technology, meeting Chinese highway technical demands. The maximum production capacity is 300 ton/h, which can meet various demands of different production scales.

ENH cold mix plant adopts the patent technology-Multi-feed, so it can satisfy various demands of different grade aggregates. In the meantime, this plant is equipped with 3.8 meter long super-mixer, and the powerful motor can ensure the uniformity of the agitation.

ENH cold mix plant uses the modular design of container, so it is easy to transport and install because of its compact structure. It is equipped with accurate digital scale, flowmeter system, computer control, ensuring the easy operation, accurate dosage, and high quality of the mix.

The advantages of the ENH cold mix plant :
Adopting ENH super-mixer: 3.8 meters long, high power, high production capacity, wear-resistant alloy stirring vanes, long working life and reliable working status.

ENH multi-feed: multi-feed makes it possible to agitate in different section according to meet the demands of mixing various grade aggregate.
Powders are measured by spiral digital scale with high accuracy in measurement.

Equipped with aggregate storehouse, ensuring the sequential manufacture.

Computer control system is highly automatic in summarizing records, printing production report, remote monitoring and maintenance, which helps in easy operation.






Main technical parameters of ENH-CRM300 Cold Mix Plant 


Equipment capacity


300 t/h(emulsified asphalt)

The maximum





allowable aggregate size

45 mm

Machine Dimensions 


25 m


21 m


13 m

Total weight


60 t

Total installed power 


150 kW

Aggregate supply system parameters

aggregate storage volume

4x8 m3

Aggregate metering

electric belt scale

Powder supply system parameters

powder storage volume

2x40 m3

Powder metering

screw scale

Asphalt and water supply capacity

emulsified asphalt supply capacity

15 t/h

Asphalt tank volume

40 m3

Water tank capacity

40 m3



mandatory continuous biaxial agitator 

Stirring power

90 kW

effective length of mixing chamber

3.8 m

Discharge system

Discharge hopper volume

1.5 m³