SIEFER SM-D3/HK Mill is specially used for producing polymer bitumen. This machines ,with function of “excellent shearing” and “full grinding”, have been proved successful for “homogenous mixing of polymer liquids” and “crushing ,suspending in liquids of all kinds”. It combines high performance with exemplary ease of use and easy maintanence. It is used as in-line processing, which could produce high quality bitumen.

The Unique Operating Principle

The medium initially enters the centre of the rotor-stator system in an axial direction and is centrifugally accelerated towards the outside (“forced feeding through the gap”). The medium has to pass through up to four stages. During this process the medium is

  • 1. Separation of the medium into many separate currents
  • 2. Frictional, shearing, cutting and/or impact loads
  • 3. Sudden acceleration and deceleration of the medium, which cause shock pressure waves with compression and decompression processes, which then cause micro-activities
  • 4. Turbulences transfer their frictional processes onto the medium.
  • 1. Large selection of materials for product contact parts
  • 2. Advanced in-line process and multiple pass process
  • 3. Modular design for easy modification of individual component groups
  • 4. High throughput with excellent size reduction results
  • 5. Continuous and controllable process in a closed system
  • 6. Direct starting without gap adjustment possible
  • 7. Low-wear and easy to maintain
  • 8. Low cleaning requirements
  • 9. Selective replacement and repair of individual rotor-stator rings possible
Technical data  
Throughput based on water [m3/h] 20 - 250
Discharge pressure [bar] 8
Drive power 90 - 250
Connections at suction and discharge side DIN / ANSI standard 150 (6¨)
Speed min/max [rpm] 1500 – 2300
Max. feed size solid/dry matter [mm] Ø 100
Dimensions L/W/H [mm] 1450 x 900 x 835
Weight [kg] (without equipment) 980